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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Powers out but you can still workout!

It is not fun when a interruption in power de-rails your workout routine. With a easy to follow program you can keep going even without the lights. Programming based on your current level of fitness, consist of a mixture of cardio, core and strength training. This will ensure that you will not miss a beat when the power does return. The only things you will need is space, some water and your body. Below is a sample program that you can adjust to met your current fitness level. Let's get started.
Plank- 30-60sec
High Knees- 45sec
Burpees- 20-30x(refer to the figure below)
Push-ups-20-30x (can be done modified)
Alternating Lunges 15-20x (per side)
Squat Jumps- 30-60 sec
Repeat three times!

Done let a little thing like lose of power slow you down.

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