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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Caribbean Sounds 10k Race Results

This past weekend on Saturday, our very own co-owner and personal trainer ran in the Caribbean Sounds 10k. She did a fantastic job by placing 2nd in her age group 20-29, and #12 overall of men and women. Embody Pure Fitness are an elite group of personal trainers as well as exceptional athletes, we can make you faster, stronger, and decrease your risk for injuries. Grace Thompson has placed in the top 5 in kettlebell competitions, races, and other endurance sports. To schedule a private session with her email or follow her on twitter @embody_fitdc

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Powers out but you can still workout!

It is not fun when a interruption in power de-rails your workout routine. With a easy to follow program you can keep going even without the lights. Programming based on your current level of fitness, consist of a mixture of cardio, core and strength training. This will ensure that you will not miss a beat when the power does return. The only things you will need is space, some water and your body. Below is a sample program that you can adjust to met your current fitness level. Let's get started.
Plank- 30-60sec
High Knees- 45sec
Burpees- 20-30x(refer to the figure below)
Push-ups-20-30x (can be done modified)
Alternating Lunges 15-20x (per side)
Squat Jumps- 30-60 sec
Repeat three times!

Done let a little thing like lose of power slow you down.