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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Active Isolated Stretch

I've have the best opportunity to take the 32 hour Active Isolated Stretch seminar in Bradenton, FL. It consisted of four consecutive 9 hour days of hands on learning with the infamous, Aaron Mattes. This guys has written numerous books on how increasing flexibility leads to a decrease chronic conditions and cardiovascular disease. Most artificial joint replacements are unsuccessful, and other surgeries that claim to fix a symptom only create other problems. Medical science is failing the general population, and it's up to the therapist, trainers, and other allied health professions to bring back the hands-on approach. Active Isolated Stretch is a technique, where the trainer assists the client through a ROM (stretch) while giving a 2 second assisted stretch at the end range. Afterwards, the client relaxes the muscle and does the same stretch into a new ROM. Does it hurt? One should not experience no more than mild discomfort. Individuals say they have "tears of joy". I have been practicing my technique for 3 weeks now, and I must say it has given me great results. First, I should tell you about my history: I was in a car accident while doing clinical rotation in graduate school in 2007. I sustained whiplash on the left side of my neck, which radiated down my arm. I have suffered with the pain ever since to where I couldn't sleep on the left side. Physical therapy, massage, foam rollers, pain meds, would only give me 2-3 hours of relief. I thought I would have to live with the pain, and eventually get cortisone injections. But none of those techniques gave enough effect to change the pain cycle of what was triggering the muscle to spasm in the first place. Due to poor circulation (oxygen), poor flexibility, and lack of strength will cause a muscle or joint to become dysfunctional. Dysfunction causes pain, and then the body starts to compensate for the lack of movement. Next thing, is "bone on bone" arthritis, tendonitis (which is what I have), or other chronic conditions. I was going to a seminar to learn how to treat my clients, not myself. While some student were practicing on me, my left shoulder/neck started to flare up again. Once Aaron Mattes, took me through 4-5 different stretches and gave a slight manipulation, I was pain-free! No joke. It was like magic. I knew right then, that this was something everyone should experience. All my clients have some sort of pain (that's why they hire me), and its my job to help them out. Here are some videos of what I was learning. Once I become proficient I'll load some of myself: