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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Building a friendship with each passing mile.

       Much has been written about the benefits of running with friends but I have to admit, I never totally bought into it. I was always content in the fact that running was my solace for the demands of everyday life. What I did when I needed me time. After years of running occasionally with groups and sporadically with friends it has finally hit me.It was not just about how many miles I ran or what pace I was at for each distance but the sharing of the experience. I am not speaking about race day; that can be a different story. I am referring to training and general fitness running.

I had begun to wean in my running schedule and found my runs far less fulfilling. Then a cyclist friend came to me and expressed interest in triathlons but they had not run, in there words, in years. Suddenly, I found myself more focused during our runs and developing greater motivation. There were runs where we spent the entire run decompressing, other had fewer words but the sound of our footsteps. I not only increase my mileage, boosted my running enjoyment but I built a deeper, and invaluable friendship that has extended past the pavement.