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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Mommies and Fitness

Hello Everyone! We will like to introduce you to our guest blogger, Kelli Atangan, who is a client in our bootcamp program. Here is what she has to say about staying fit as a new mommy, and her fitness program that she runs:

Like most moms, I was very active before I had kids.  I competed in gymnastics through college and then took up triathlons in graduate school.  I kept myself active throughout my pregnancy, walking and taking prenatal yoga.  Then I had my first son, and my whole exercise routine came to a halt.  There were always excuses that kept me from going to the gym or going on a run.  The baby is sleeping, the baby is up, the baby is hungry or fussy, I didn’t sleep last night, I don’t have the right stroller, nothing fits, who will watch him, and he doesn’t like the gym daycare, and so on.  When your life turns upside down it is easy to fall out of a routine.  So I went about my day, trying to do a million things for my son and nothing for myself.  Exercise became a thing of the past and something I would get back into “one day”. 

     When my oldest son was nearing three I realized that “one day” might never come if I didn’t schedule it into my life.  I had to figure out how to make it work and I had to schedule every single workout or it would never happen.  I started taking Mommy Bootcamp class with Natalie of Embody Pure Fitness once a week; where I and three friends sweat it out over a grueling (but awesome) 45 minute workout.  My muscles began to remember what working out felt like again and I was hooked.  So I enlisted help of more friends to get back in shape with me. I reached out to my local mommy friends and asked if they would join me twice a week for a workout.  I knew if someone was counting on me, I’d have to actually get out of bed and go!  Modeled after popular mom and baby stroller workouts, we put our little ones in strollers and does a 1.2 mile loop in our neighborhood.  I lead most of our workouts right now but the other moms are starting to jump in and take turns.  Our workouts include a cardio warm-up, walking, lunges, and squats, lifting light weights, abdominals and core.  Any mom is welcome.  Since we don’t run, we’ve had moms with umbrella strollers, moms regularly wearing their babies on their backs and pushing one in the stroller, a mom 8 weeks postpartum, and another mom due the next day!  Basically, we’ve removed all the excuses (except for being exhausted, that one I can’t fix!).  I’ve been amazed at how many moms were looking for something like this and keep coming back each week.  I only wish I’d begun these three years ago! 

     If there’s one thing that a new mom needs it is support.  We need support for mothering our children but we also need support for ourselves.  Having a group of moms to workout with helps you to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your kids.  Getting those endorphins flowing can be the key to getting you through a long day with the kids or the next mega meltdown!  On the days that I exercise, I feel more organized and have more energy.  My kids are still the world’s worst sleepers and I might barely have my eyes open but I’m done using it as an excuse.

Kelli Atangan can be found leading Kingstowne Mommy Strides every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8am in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria,VA.  For more information find us on Facebook: