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Friday, April 27, 2012

What's So Great About Kettlebells?

A Kettlebell resembles the shape of a cannonball with a handle on top that allows for a vast array of exercise. Kettlebells range in weight from 4kg (9 lbs) to 40kg (88 lbs).

There are numerous reasons for the boost in kettlebell training. Kettlebells get back to the basic ways of training that requires functional, whole body fitness. Kettlebells require an individual to focus on a complete body conditioning through lifting and controlling the kettlebell which enables the entire body to work as a cohesive functional neurological unit. Workouts with Kettlebell engage multiple muscle groups at once. In this way, they are a great option for getting a full body workout utilizing cardio and strength training in a short time. We focus on teaching form and function of: Kettlebell swing, Kettlebell snatches, Kettlebell Jerk, and preparing for Kettlebell Sport Competition. 

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